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    Help! Ultra 150 Running Erratic

    After sitting over the winter my ultra 150 has a strange issue. When you first start it it bogs really bad then it will clear up and run fine sometimes. Other times it will kick in and out like it is losing 1 or two cylinders. It will not cut off just bog way down to like 3000 RPM. The power kicks in and out really bad. I cut back the plug wires and that didn't help. I was wondering if there is a water separator on the ultra. It must be losing fire or gas to multiple cylinders. i would appreciate any help you have to offer.

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    Re: Help! Ultra 150 Running Erratic

    Pull the carbs and rebuilt before you toast that engine

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboman412 View Post
    Pull the carbs and rebuilt before you toast that engine

    Will dirty carbs cause the issues described above? Where is the cheapest place to buy rebuild kits?

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    Define the problem before you start spending money. What do the spark plugs look like?

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