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    Found Them Hungry!

    I took my jet ski from my house in Poquoson Va. out to the Baltimore channel of the Chesapeake Bay. In two hours I caught 5 Cobia up to 45 inches, I kept one. Sloppy and breezy but worth the trip. I got back home, cleaned everything up and it has been raining since.
    Time for a rare Sunday snooze before I have some friends and family over for a Cobia dinner as we watch the Jet Ski Fishing episode at 8 pm on Animal Planet's " Off The Hook; Extreme Catches.

    I was interviewed last week by Lee Tolliver of the Virginia Pilot newspaper, the story was in today's Sunday paper in the Sports section. Thanks Lee!

    Here are a couple pictures from today and Virginia Pilot article.

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    uh huh....rub it in brian....cobia for dinner while watching the show............ha-ha......thats o.k. ive got the popcorn and coke ready to go and the phone is off the hook tonite....congrats on the show.......ever thought about rigging about 5 skis and doing the fishing charter service thing?? dont know what it would take as far as know......THE MAN......hes sure to get his part in license,fees,tax,etc....then theres insurance....just thinking out loud....what a way to make a living that would be and i bet it would take off.

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    Really sucks to be you Brian. LOL
    Congrats on all the accolades and on kickin' back to take it all in. Nice!

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