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    Intermitent spark to no spark

    I have a 96 GSX with new 787 short block. Over the past couple of years this thing would give me fits at start up. Sometimes it would start right up, sometimes it would spin, no spark. Then 20 seconds later spin and BAM start and run good, may have been worse after being run awhile.(always kept an inline spark tool in toolbox to verify this). Over the weeks it was getting worse, this week i took to the water and ran it for half an hour, then let it sit four half hour, now no spark. While grinding the crap of starter off and on for the next 20 min. with spark tool in place, every so often you could see a spark but that's it, she's dead. I have been checking everything with ohm meter and the CDI has been the closest thing i can find out of spec. MPEM probably has less than 200 hrs on it if that means anything. Sorry for the long winded post but i would appreciate any advice that anyone has before i buy another CDI.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you checked all your grounds?? Including the one on the coil. In this 787 engines battery voltage is critical (IMO) for a good start and spark. Once work with one and after replacing the stator $$$$ found that have corroded grounds and a weak battery.

    Just my .02

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    Thanks for the reply. I have a new battery and it was charged to the max. I will say i didn't actually check the grounds but I did try to go over all the connections with a meter. I will go over the connections before I purchase anything. If the CDI measures out of spec more than the the other items should I go ahead and replace it. I was actually thinking that the the trigger coil was the culprit all this time but after it stopped running and I checked it, it appears to be within specs according to the manual.

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