ive got a 97 yamaha gp760 with an aftermarket protech b model pipe on it...it hesitates and sometimes even stalls when you gun it from a stand still...figured its time to rebuild carbs....called riva and ordered the carb kit and also ordered the riva flame arrestors and adaptors....i was advised that with having the protech b pipe and riva flame arrestors that i should go with different jet sizes and spring that controls pop off pressure.....it was suggested that the main jet should be changed to .135 and the pilot changed to .120 and a 95 gram spring {which is dull silver in color} also advised to just use the old arm for the needle/seat...as its already factory pre-set.....never been into these mikuni carbs before and not wanting it to sound as if i am doubting the people at riva....just like to get a few opinions as well....what say you?? does this advice sound right for this set up with the protech b pipe and race style arrestors....any help would be great...thanks