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    Cool Youtube Waverunner Community | A Must See

    Hello. To start things off I am a part owner of Watercraftreviews on Youtube. We are pretty big, and getting bigger. We post high quality video's that we record with a Go Pro Hero HD. We have 6 waverunners, and 1 boat. Come check us out today, and enjoy the content!

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    Ummmmmmm????????? OK?????????

    That's great you have a page and you do reviews and such and you're here to promote it.......but Chuck Norris has already permitted me to upload MY videos to MY page, he has not given me permission to send them to you. I dare not ask. He might laugh at the idea, which may cause him to fart. The last time that happened became known as the Mt. St. Helen's eruption of May 18, 1980. Not good......

    Thanks for the offer.

    Smartass comment.............end.......

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    Thanks for the comments guys. Hope you enjoy my channel!

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    -came in expecting a must see video.
    -left disappointed.

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    Explain how you were disappointed please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruceg View Post
    -came in expecting a must see video.
    -left disappointed.
    It was a very boring vid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abmobil View Post
    It was a very boring vid.
    You know that there are many other videos right?

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