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Thread: 12 fzs cover

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    12 fzs cover

    Looking for a 2012 fzs OEM cover...does yamaha make them? if not whats the best after market one to get

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    Ebay has a few listed, don't know of style changes on FZS so check part #'s and sizes for the other year models. If nothing else get part # off the one listed for 2012 and order from your local dealer if you don't like using ebay.

    Also found on sites store here

    Hope this helps.

    PS. just an FYI if/when you get one when putting on start with handle bars (one side then other) go down to mirrors (ditto) cover the nose, then to the back over the rear of seat and around rear platform. The instructions on mine (vx) said pull draw string tight, tie knot , I bought those little spring loaded balls like on a hoodie string so I could pull it tight and then release it for easier removal and putting back on.
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    Yeah it does, just got to check the dimensions of the older ones and see if there the same because they dont say it will fit a 2012, but thanks for the help

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