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    Wink Gray fuel lines that say "TEMPO"...what's the problem? XP800 96'

    Just curious as to what is the problem with gray tempo fuel lines that everyone is talking about, "if you see gray fuel lines that say "TEMPO"'on prepared to walk away!".

    What is the issue?

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    They can't handle long term ethanol in gas.They will break down and plug screens in carbs / fuel selector ect. Then lean out motor and burn pistons.I have changed 4 skis out to rubber. Each time i cut open some of the lines and there were still okay & no tempo particles in carb screens or filters . 95-98 skis. Didn't ignore them though. I don't worry about the venting ones.I wouldn't walk away from a good deal just for that. Feel turn crank for smoothness , do compression check test on water if possible. You can peek through rave valve slots to see pistons & skirts. Checking ,rebuild carbs fuel pump should be top priority when you pick up a ski.

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    tempo lines are rubber coated poly-vinyl lines - the glue agent reacts to ethanol and creates a green goo that can clog the internal carb fuel filters and cause a lean condition in the motor..

    I think the worry is well over-rated and would not walk away from a deal because of them.. Water test the craft and inspect / clean the carbs upon purchase..

    If you can not water test the craft, or at least see the craft being used in the water - then walk away.

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    i learned the hard way for being lazy, have 2 gtx 96, bought both of them with gray tempo fuel lines, in great running condition used them a couple of times, decided to changed the fuel lines on one and decided to wait another weekend or two on the other, took them out 1 more time, and wham bang engine seized on one. want to guess which one!! took carb filters out to see what the problem could be and sure enough 1 was cloged. now the engine is torn apart not worth it to fix. bought a donor ski, low hrs.. so it's not bad to buy them with gray lines as long as they are running and change them before you take them out for the weekend.. good luck

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