ok i have the fx160 motor going into a gpr hull (for 5 yrs now) now on the gpr transom plate there is 3 holes. 2 on 1 side (which i thought were intake holes) and 1 on the other side that is just open to the outside of the ski.
now since i dont have an fx140/160/ho transom plate im not 100% sure if this is the same as the gpr's transom plate
the fx140 in the manual it shows
1/2: the internal non-electric bilge goes to the transom plate smaller top hole of 2 on the right side
2/2: the bigger of the 2 holes on the transom plate goes to the water intake for the motor
1/1: the hole by itslef on the left side goes into the exhaust pipe that face the rear of the hull

which to me means 1/2 is water input. 2/2 sucks water out and 1/1 is free flowing. so is this how the gpr transom plate is setup as well??