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    2006 FX12 trim kit??

    I have a stock 06 FX12 3 seater and I'm wondering if there is a after market trim kit available or if its possible to interchange with a different model? I'm also interested in aftermarket sponsons if anyone knows of a company that is making them for honda's i'd appreciate the info.

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    There are kits available but not for Hondas. I am sure you can retro a kit from stxr or other ski if your handy. Otherwise try to get ahold of a R12X nozzle set-up and mod it for F12X.
    Don't know of sponsons but I'm sure you could make something work. Why trim & nozzles anyways? Whats your goal w/this ski?
    I ride off-shore a bit and I am going to lengthen the ride plate and see how that does. Will be doing soon.

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