Bought my first boat in May of this year (2012) it is a 2008 seadoo utopia se 205 scic 430hp. After reading about the ceramic washers issues I planed to replace the washers this winter, there’s no way I was going to work on my new toy through the summer.....until now. Three weeks ago the boat was running great and then did a full throttle 180 and put the boat in neutral after the spin. After sitting with the boat still in neutral (idol) for about two min. gave it full power and right away I could tell something wasn’t right. The symptoms were loss of power, top speed from 67mph to 45mph, and rpms from 8100 to 6800 on both engines, and both volt lights would came on and then went off . So far I found both superchargers to have one missing washer each, (which Jerry is now rebuilding) and small shavings in my oil filter. I plan on pulling both engines next Saturday and I’m hoping for the best.....maybe just a good cleaning and oil pumps, I hope the timing chain will be fine as well any of the gears. My magnetos may be damaged as well............we shall see soon enough. Ill post pics as I get going on this but it may be a slow process do to working 84 hrs a week on nigh shift. Sea doo dealership wanted $3700 to rebuild the superchargers and pull\inspect the motors. I have spent $860 so far on parts and labor and another $150 on a electric hoist. So the dealership was going to charge $2690 just to pull the thanks!