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    '08-'10 FX SHOs - Any Major Changes In These Years?

    Hey All,

    Well looks yamahas will be on the line up instead of RXTs after more research.

    Are there any major changes between the '08-'10 FX SHOs? Any reason I should go with one model year over another?

    I am looking to go used to save a little coin and to avoid payments. I will look for some with YES coverage still if possible.

    Any suggestions / opinions would be great.


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    The main thing is make sure you get the newer engine, (which I believe was upgraded in 2008 ) and you should be good.
    The YES warranty is always a good idea too.

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    Thanks! From the searching online it seems like 2008 is when they put in the 1812cc engine. I just was not sure if there were any changes/concerns the first model year or two. Sometimes hard to lock in on this sort of thing with the various search engines.

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    The '08-'10 FX SHO's are the same. Only thing they changed during those years was colors. You might still be able to find a leftover 2010 at a dealer to get the YES coverage or can maybe find a used one with warranty.

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    Thanks, will see what pops up. Here in the midwest we are really inside a month of good riding left. Hoping to be able to dig up a pair be able to water test them and get a good deal since they will otherwise have to sit all winter long.

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