I installed a Ultratrac ride plate and Grate and I installed it even or flat with the one on the bottom of Hull, well the craft will not stay Hooked in the water unless I sit up on the Handlebars, then it will fly until I hit rough water,then it starts porpoising and I have to let off the gas. can the ride plate be adjusted up or down to make the Bow(nose) of the craft go down some and stay Hooked? also I'm wondering what the full throttle rpms suppose to be on a white motor 587, it has 1.00 pistons, tdr water box, rossier exhaust,Nu-jet racing Impellor, ultratrac ride plate and grate, I'm only getting 5800 rpms @60mph, should I be geeting more r's or less? thanks...any help would be mostly appreciated....jeff