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    Ultra 150 with shot piston

    Hello. I have an 2000 ultra 150 , with I believe the skiworx 1.5 mod. Anyways iv had it for a year put about 40hrs on it and last week I had it out on the river and lost power all the sudden, iv been having problems with my front plug wire making connection so I didn't think much of it and drove to the closest sandbar to fix the wire.. But I figured out that wasn't the problem so I ended up driving it 2 miles at 30 mph back to my trailer . Anyways the front 2 cyls are reading around 118 pounds the rear had 0 so I took the head off and it has a large hole in the middle of the piston.. Anyways the problem.. The carb seems to be in pretty bad shape rust wise and I'm not sure what is the best route to take I'm pretty sure it was running lean and burned my piston. can I get my carb rebuilt? Or should i try to find a new carb ?and if I have the skiworx heads can I replace the piston with any brand? Or do I need the skiworx piston kit? I can post pics.

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    Would it help to post pictures?

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    You have to replace the piston with one just like the other 2. The problem could be ignition related or carb related. Are you still using the stock carbs? Also, make sure no one has exchanged the igniter with a 99 model which requires special sparkplugs.

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