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    klotz nitro

    i have used this in my gopeds and goldwing 1200 and it works very good in those applications....i am wondering if anybody has tried it in there ski's?? if not i will try it...aplications for 4-stroke is up to 4 oz per gallon but i am going to try mabe an ounce and a half to start...and has anybody put fans in the intake air hoses to blow air into the air box so it doesnt starve for air?? i know i dont have the supercharged version but it cant hurt....i run the '12 ultra lx

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    I think I ran that in my banshee. It seam to go bad fast with the 2 stroke oil mix. Good luck

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    bottom line is ALL fuel socalled booster are nothing like what they claim

    just run a good fuel and be safe with your tunes


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