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    05 Ultra 150 display resets when press start button is press No click, no turnover

    I a Kawasaki '05 Ultra 150. It was starting fine last week. this week put it in the water and it would not do anything. Checked battery, and all cables seem fine.
    When I press the start button all it does is resets the display. No clicks, no turn over, nothing... Dead....
    I'm not sure where exactly the starter is located. Was thinking it was the starter relay? Does annyone know where that is located?
    It did get some water in the hull, but it was drained pretty quickly. That's another problem I will work on later....

    Thanks Melissa

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    Welcome aboard, Melissa!

    Have you tried jumping it with another good battery? That's the first thing to try. Also, make sure the connectors on the battery cables are are clean (not corroded) and the screws are tight. Look at both ends of the cables, as a loose connection at the engine will cause the same problem.

    The starter relay is in a box with wires coming out (there are several). If the display goes blank, it's likely not the relay, but a battery/cable connection problem.

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