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    Can I just drop in a xx charger instead of my X charger in my 09 RXP-X ski ???

    Can I add a XX charger to a stock set up on a 2009 RXP-X ski ??? There is nothing saying I must have upgreated valve springs or mod ecu??? So can I just drop this charger in? Also any idea of gains I will see with my mods (in signature) and this charger?


    Here is all it says for the description...

    Applications: 255/260 Sea-Doo Models

    Our new XX-Charger delivers 14.5 psi of boost pressure at 8,500rpm producing arm wrenching acceleration and increased top speed. High performance impeller, spacer & front housing combo increase horsepower through superior Vortech impeller blade design and larger interior housing volume. Impeller features a sophisticated blade design that is precision balanced to deliver smooth operation. Housing, spacer & impeller install quickly and easily onto stock supercharger base plate.

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    Sure you can do it BUT, you will be leaving a LOT of performance untouched. To get the full boost from that SC, you need to run 8500+ rpm, and to do that you need the supporting mods like: springs-retainers, AFR monitoring, ECU re-flash, rrfpr, fuel pump, etc, etc, etc.

    You'll gain a little boost over stock and may run a little lean with a stock ECU without a rrfpr and AFR monitoring.

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