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    Gauge staying on when Ski is off ?

    I have 96 SLX 780 , runs ok , but Guage wasn't working . Installed a .5 amp fuse and got the Guage working , but now the Guage stays on and the builge runs when the ski is off . Do I need a different fuse ?

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    I am very new here but the gauge is supposed to stay on (the clock portion) and you can wake it up by pressing mode... do you have the kill switch engaged? also the bilge pump is supposed to run whenever the motor is running i beleive.. 99% of questions can be found here also

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    Welcome to the hulk! Is this a new to you ski? Where are you located?

    The MFD should have a 1/4 amp fuse on the circuit board. I would locate the proper size and switch it out when you can. The gauge will stay on, but should eventually go into sleep mode.

    The bilge pump should not run with the engine off. Not likely the fuse is causing the issue. There is something else going on with the wiring.

    The link provided by cascivic is the best link you will ever spend time reading!

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    Either your bilge pump is connected to the wrong terminal on the board, or your LR module is bad.

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    Didn't know the guage was always on , so I guess it is working now . Just got the Ski 2 weeks ago with all three Base Gaskets blown . Got it for the Kids , but think I will put some time on it also . I will swap the .5 amp fuse with the correct one , and burn some fuel . Thanks for the replies .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    Either your bilge pump is connected to the wrong terminal on the board, or your LR module is bad.

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    i accidently hooked up a battery backwards and my bilge fired up immediately. verify polarity

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