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    Possible cavitation on 97 GTX?

    I just bought a 97 GTX about 2 months ago with 85 hours on it and it's been fine up until this week. The past two times I've taken it out I've noticed that if I gun the throttle that the RPM's will spike, but with no acceleration. After reading up on some threads I think I'm experiencing cavitation.

    The sled goes fine at lower speeds (0-15 mph) and I can usually nurse it up to fullthrottle if I go slow, but even then sometimes the RPMS will spike and I have to slow down and nurse it back up again. Once I'm up to speed it doesn't have any trouble holding the speed. Although, it does seem like it takes more RPMs than it used to maintain cruising speeds.

    I've checked the drive shaft and there is nothing wrapped around it and everything looks fine on the back end (no nicks or dings). I can't think of anyhing that would have caused this, so I'm looking for help.

    I've read about some of the possible culprits, but would someone be kind enough to list of the most likely issues in order of most likely problem to least likely?

    If it helps, I haven't touched anything other than to grease the zerk fitting on the drive shaft, and as far as I know, I haven't run into anything.

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    On those hulls there is no gasket bewteen pump and shoe. Seadoo makes a neoprene ring that is made to help seal up that area. I think its around $12. Some people including myself have you silicone sealent for that as well. Either will work fine as long as its completely sealed.

    Another reason to cavitate is if the wear ring is worn beyond its limits. You'd be best to pull the pump to check that unless you have 12" long feeler guages.

    Carbon ring on the drive shaft inside the hull, the accordian boot could have a rip in it as well.

    If its cavitating its sucking air from somewhere into the jet pump system on you.

    I'd start by looking behind the pump for the seal, it didn't come from the factory with it in there, thats where my problem was on the same ski.

    Hope this gets you started!

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    On my XP I sucked up a fishing lure and it completely tore the wearring, and it was doing the same thing your ski appears to be doing.

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    Thanks for the replies! I ride in salt water so there is certainly a possibility that something went through the pump and may have done some damage somewhere.

    I'll do a gauge test of the wear ring and inspect it for damage. I have the shop manual, but can you tell me how big a job it is to get at the carbon ring to inspect that?

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    The carbon ring is the brownish ring on the driveshaft inside the hull. If you take the seats off and look down right behind the gray PTO guard you'll the the accordian boot and ring. You can pull the ring back and spray some silicon in there and see if it "seals" the leak temporarily. Changing that isn't that hard if you can take the pump out. I only slide the driveshaft part way out, just enough to get at the carbon rin.

    While you have the pump off look for the neoprene seal. I'd be surprised if it has one in there. And it will deffinitally leak air without one.

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    Will do, thanks!

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    OK, so the carbon wear ring is good. I did notice that the O-ring on that is in front of the wear ring towards the engine was out of place. I moved it back in place and decided to see if that made a difference. It did. Big difference in fact, but I still get cavitation if I'm idiling and go full throttle, but that's the only time it happens now.

    I'll still check the clearance and wear ring, though.

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    MaineEvent, Did you fix your problem? What else was it? I'm having the same issue?

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