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    stuck idle adjustment

    I was wondering if anyone has ever had the idle adjustment lock up on them? I have a 2001 GPR and my idle is running really low so I tried to adjust it by hand and with a flathead screwdriver but it wont budge and I dont want to break it off or damage something. Is this common, how can I free it up? liquid wrench maybe??

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    Re: stuck idle adjustment

    its probably tamper proof from factory

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    Just had a similar issue on my ski. Mine was a couple of different issues. 1) Ski was used primarily in salt water all it's life and it's 16 year old. 2) I painted my carbs and most likely got that bunged up with paint.

    What we did was put some WD40 on it. Backed it out first.....then turned it back in and out a couple of times to free it up. Once we were able to do that we put the airbox back on and fired up the ski and adjusted the idle by hand with the T-handle.

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    stuck idle adjustment

    Quote Originally Posted by hoffmanestates View Post
    its probably tamper proof from factory
    No it's not.

    It's easily accessible and is designed to be adjusted. My carbs were just rebuilt and I know for a fact mine isn't corroded, but it can still be tough to turn/adjust. I found it easier to adjust with a screwdriver than by hand though if you're doing it on the trailer. Not sure what to tell you if its truly stuck. The place it connects on the carb is pretty deep in there. Might have to pull the carb rack if you try what he said and cant get it unstuck. Shoot for 3000 out if the water and 12-1300 in the water. I also think its easier to adjust it on the water with seat off to dial it in. It only takes a small (1/ turn to add 500-1000 rpms.

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    The idle adjuster at a GPR is a real pain, mine doesn´t budge either .
    The steel cable within the plastic outercable is all rusted , i need to remove the adjuster from the bracket and turn the whole cable
    arround to adjust idle .
    So if anyone has a GPR idle-adjuster in good condition , i´m interested

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