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    worx vs riva sponsons

    which one is better? i know people say the riva ones are made better and theres about $100 price differece. is the handling the same between the 2?

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    For what it's worth, everyone i saw at the finals had either Riva, or custom sponsons.

    I run WORX sponsons, but wish i had the Riva ones.

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    I would love to have a set like my Riva's but about 1" deeper.
    I would bet the ski could handle better with more sponson in the water??

    Maybe this winter I will make some and try it out?

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    I think it's time for me to do the sponson deal too. Now that i've gotten rid of the opas it seems a bit tail happy on snap turns unless i'm way back on the ski. Getting a tailslide at 50mph would not be fun.

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    I am doing some sponsons my self they are taken from some aggressors and cross between some others!

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