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    2002 Seadoo GTX 4-tec trouble starting

    Fully charged my battery and it started once out of water but when I was in the water, all i would hear is clicking from a small little thing that looks like the starter solenoid or something. I unhooked it and hooked it back up and it now starts up but it clicks a few times like the battery is about to die and takes a quite a few presses of the start button to get it running and sometimes shuts off and resets itself. Its almost like it doesn't have enough punch to start; bad battery/faulty start solenoid or something? One of my questions is...what does the part that i upload do, and is it the starter solenoid? The battery is 2 years old and I have not yet to take it to autozone to load test it, just thought id check up on forums to view all my options. Second question after the below part is named, what do you think my problem is? Bad battery/starter/solenoid?
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    test the battery.

    but more likely its the solenoid.

    its located on the left side on my rxp in the front storage bin.

    take a good isolated screwdriver (in rubber)
    insert the key in, wait for the 2 beeps,
    and connect the + to the - on the solenoid.

    if it works, then its the solenoid that needs to be replaced . (~50$)

    if not, then its the starter.

    had the same problem on my RXP.

    click on start
    all i hear is 1 click.

    after afew times it starts.

    but got worse gradually.

    decided to stop playing around and replace it, what if it stopped working when i needed to start and flee in the middle of the lake?

    hope i helped.

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    If your battery is 2 years old, it probably needs replacing anyway. I would start there.

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    it is the starter relay just swap it out for a new one

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    Thats your TOPS valave (tip over protection system) - it should click when you engage the dess - means that it is working.


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    Had the same problem on my RXT. click and click and finally started. Replaced the solenoid and it works ever time now. Doo made a change to them sometime back. Had something to do with contacts not making good connection.

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    I have a 2003 Seadoo 4tech and I need to replace the starter relay. I believe it is in this black box but I didn't have any metric tools and I was caught in the rain. I am being told that this black box is a 2002 start relay but I wanted to make sure. If I remove the two nuts holding on the black box will I be able to open in and simply replace the relay or is this an integral part wire and box as one assembly? According to the build date it was built in February could it be that my ski was made with some 2002 components? thanks! Click image for larger version. 

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    the black box (relay?)

    I'm looking at the same thing on my ski......the relay looks to be inside this box. Did you end up replacing the relay & was it inside this box? Can you give me some more details on how you did it effectively.


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