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    2004 Yamaha FX140 or Seadoo GTX 4-TEC??? we are buying used.

    So we are looking at 2 used 2004 4Tec Seadoo's (GTX) I believe they have 1500cc motors. We are also looking at the Yamaha FX140 as a comparison. I understand this is the yamaha forum but I'm hoping to find some unbiased opinions..(LOL)

    How reliable are the 4TEC / Seadoo's in general from that year. Both machines we are looking at have between 150-165 hours. Anything we should be looking for specifically? He did tell me they have been in salt water, not sure if it makes that big of a difference running the closed loop cooling.

    How about some info on the Yamaha fx140 (reliability, etc)

    Thanks everyone!!!!

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    Closed loop cooling is a plus for the Doo. We had a pair of the FX-140's never had any problems with them.
    But just because the FX-140 may be more durable doesn't mean the one you are looking at hasn't been abused. A lot of people tend to let their teenagers beat on these things and the truth is, any ski without an extended warranty is a crap shoot.

    I suggest you find one with an extended warranty that will be transferrable into your name, this is really your best option in my opinion and the only way I would buy a used ski. (if you shop around you can find used Yamahas with 5 year warranties) Welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks YoYamma, Those black seadoos look sweet. I'm looking forward to getting into these forums and finding the basics to keep my new ski's reliable yet upgrade them a bit.

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    If reliability is the main factor determining what ski to buy, buy Yamaha. Sea Doo designs and sells a good performing ski, but reliability is not their strong suit.

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    The Seadoo is more like pick your poison with the ceramic supercharger washers and the exhaust valves that break/ fail. Ask the seller if the supercharger was rebuilt and if not and you decide to ride it, should run about 59-62mph. It will need to be rebuilt and updated with the metal sc washers before it fails. Call or check around for pricing if not already done. The exhaust valves is something that was later upgraded by Seadoo and if you can afford to update them, then do so. The earlier ones would snap off and drop into the cylinder causing engine failure. The Seadoo should be faster as it is supercharged. Definitely check and see which is in better condition and serviced. Look for signs like dirty hull interior, repair signs, fingerprints, rusting or missing covers, frozen cables, etc.

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