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    1999 1100Li Slow to take off.

    I have a 1999 1100Li when I take off at WOT is it VERY SLOW and gradually picks up speed. Not sure cause everything ohms out ok, except the primary side of ignition coils. Which are 1/2 the ohms of what manual says they should be. Check engine light is on. I have the software and cable to connect but they don't work (suprise). So I cannot determine cause of check engine light.When I go into a turn at WOT it bogs down also. Any ideas or thoughts???

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    my buddy is having the same type of problem. he has a 1999 770

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    Quote Originally Posted by paramuir View Post
    my buddy is having the same type of problem. he has a 1999 770
    That's carbed, but I suspect you are both having fueling isses. Chech your tanks and verify the fuel return is pumping out fuel at a decent rate.

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    I found the problem. the injector on the #3 cylinder was not seated properly causing blow by only 90 psi on that cylinder, plus the electrical connector fell of for that injector. So it was basically hitting on only 2 cylinders. Purrrrrs like a kitten now.

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