So far I have searched through many many older threads discussing starting issues with 4tec engines. None appear to be similar to my recent issues:

My 2006 has about 135 hours on it and has always started first time until recently. The battery that is currently in it was flattened once before so I awknowledge it could be a battery issues, but please hear me out

-DESS beeps ok and normal
-Engine crancks over 3 seconds and stop
-always started first time until this summer
-first no start instance took ten cracking attempts to start the engine. Always cracked 3 seconds and cut out. Started right up and ran well afterward.
-ran perfect for serveral days, then in the second no start instance one evening it again required 6 crack attempts to start. Each time the engine crancked 3 seconds and cut out. Then started up normally.

As you can see the battery appears to have lots of life (started up after 10 attempts)

I had been sucking up small amounts of weed throughout the two weeks at the lake but I cleaned the intake daily after the weeds dried out when the boat had been on the lift.

Any advice to address this random no start issues?