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    NJ to MD trip - 3 4tecs, ZERO problems

    I recently went on a trip with 3 friends from NJ to Ocean City MD (140 miles each way of ocean). All of the skis did it without a hiccup: 08 RXTX - 147 hours at start, mods in sig 08 RXTX - 240 hours at start, prop/grate 11 RXTX - 40 hours at start, stock 08 Honda F15x - 190 hours at start, bolt ons My ski got the best mileage consistently, and all 4 skis survived without a hiccup (impressive since the last 20 miles on the ride down was 6-8 ft waves). Gotta love how everyone says Sea Doos are unreliable - the 3 SDs had no issues whatsoever. My ski did over 70 on a not quite WOT run in humidity, full tank of gas, neutral trim, not flat water, and packed for a 3 day trip with me riding normally. I even made it from Cape May to Forked River with 3 gallons to spare! Props to Lacey Powersports (bigboost) for going over the two 08s prior to the trip. Pictures can be seen here:

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    NICE! We did a NJ(Pennsville) to Georgetown Md. last week - 160 miles/7hrs. 7 skis...all but one were Seadoos. The oldest being one of my 97 GTI's. ZERO issues!!!

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    Wow....I would love to do a trip to somewhere and back on my ski!

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    Rip on....

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    I've done 100 miles with skis in my signature... I love my sea doos... I used to have Yamahas (good skis also) but love the performance of the SD's...


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    A tad bit late but im never on the computer anymore. Was a great trip, no problems what so ever.

    Also, want to give a lil shout out to Lacey Power Sports (bigboost) for always looking after mine and the other 08 T-X that made the trip.....I personally would have not made it out of jersey with my two broken motor mounts that they found for me on the pre ride check up. And for being the master mechanics that they are never spent any real time away form the water when I beat my 08 T-X up that was running 237 hrs at the start of the trip and got back with 249 and now running 255hrs like it was out of the crate.

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