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    gp800r 'missing' at full throttle and when applying throttle

    ..I tried replacing the plugs, which worked for a while, now it's back only worse.
    The funny thing is at 1/2-3/4 throttle it runs excellent. I noticed brown marks on the plugs up top where the wire cap is connected to the plug. Any clue?

    The Mikuni troubleshooting guide offers some suggestions:

    1. carbs not syncronized
    2. jets loose
    3. water separator/fuel filter clogged
    4. ignition faulty
    5. clogged F/A
    6. low compression

    5 & 6 I've checked and will check the others soon... .

    I was thinking it was just main jet clogged but it occurs while accelerating too. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    check the jets they maybe darty.....

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    Did u try cutting the plug wires back and crimping on a new connector,they are known to have issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvercrxsir View Post
    Did u try cutting the plug wires back and crimping on a new connector,they are known to have issues
    ...thanks dudes. I will try/check those things. Interesting. Regarding the plug wires, is there a history of this on the 800/other models? (Is it the cap that goes bad or wires and/or cdi... .)

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    A number of any of the issues you named have happened to people. Seems to be random who has these issues. The wires and cdi on mine are almost 12yrs old and havent had these issues.

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