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    1997 seadoo GTX , shuttle craft

    What should I look out for on a 1997 GTX that has been used with a shuttle craft most of its life? There is one decent scratch on the hood other than that it looks to be in good shape and runs nice. It has 90 hrs on it.

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    See what there going for in your area not just asking prices. You can borrow , rent buy a compression tester. Groung plug boots to spots made for it ,hold throttle wide open check 3 times each plug . 150 in each is perfect should be within 5 -10 max psi of each other as it wears.. While plugs are out turn by hand , might have to remove guard. Should be smooth your checking crank bearings. Bring flashlight look up into impeller see if all beat up. Could use that to beat them on price if so . Plugs should not be tan to white LEAN , brownish to black, definitely not gray aluminium cooking into them. General hackness of items or work in the engine bay is always a bad sign. Ask for any extras they don't need anymore. Good title on all or get proper papers signed from your dept of natural res. Power of attorney or the likes of. Let's us know a fuel system check is always in order right away so as not to burn a new to you ski.

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    At what point would you be scared of compression ? How low is to low ?

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    , Ask what kind 2 stroke oil they have been using? Should be rave valve "power valve safe" ... Compression Less 135 I would start to be worried. They usually hold 140 -150 until something starts happening. Even between two is more key . I guess it's a 787 so you can peek thru rave valve slots if removed. Just metric allans and reusable oring gasket. Look to see tops of pistons and skirts , piston walls . Skirts are going to have SOME scratches not gouges. If you can get a good look at top of pistons a slightly shiny " like a good seasoned cast iron pan "Hershey chocolate bar brown' clean aluminum spots on edges edges are good , not dull flat dry black charcoal all the way across top- Lean conditions". Might be best to look before starting up or compression test so there are not wetted.

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