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    Honda f12x Rpms Up/down up/down (boost/noboost??)

    Seems like when im at WOT boost goes and stop and goes... i get from 6200-6300 rpm to like 5200 continuously when im in WOT ... otherwise when cruising its ok

    What i did:
    I did put a boost gauge on the line going from the WG/turbo to the boost solenoid i thinK? Could be this?
    I changed the air filter for a little pflow
    im assuming its one of the two?

    Will try to kill this boost gauge tomorow...
    maybee i should hook it somewhere else... ill take pictures

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    Almost the same post. basicly the same problem.

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    THx but its not like me... i only get this problem at WOT ... it boost ok 13psi up to 50mph... than i floor it and it goes to 16psi than drop to zero than up back....... continuously...

    mine is doing this all the time so any idea someone?
    Could this be the vacuum i splitted or the filter?

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    Is your turbo OK? The drop could be due to it not spinning or getting water in the turbine wheel from a leaking exhaust manifold. Are the hose clamps tight going into the intercooler?

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