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    Angry 95 Waveblaster bilge problems


    Can anyone please help me I have a 95 Waveblaster just this year I have had a lot of problems with getting water out of the hull. I have the stock bilge system along with a 500 Rule bilge pump installed. When I am riding if I turn to the left everything is fine as soon as I turn to the right which my carb is on I get a drastic lose loss of power almost like water is getting in the carb....also when I first start out I can have the throttle wide open and there is no power like its bogging down. When I let the throttle off then it see to then take off. Any suggestions I am really stumped.


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    If there is enough water in the hull that its getting into the carbs...then I'd think you should fix the water leak.

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    what cutlass said, but ive also noticed this phenomenon happening on mine with out a drop of liquid in the hull. Its gotten better with the replacementc of the carb and bypassing of the fuel system, but occasionaly happens yet. It also is very hard to start if the lanyard gets pulled after 1/2 throttel, and you have to hold it at WOT and crank the daylights out of it. However, once it fires again it runs like nothing happened. Im wondering if its a short in the e-box, as this all started after the box got flooded and everything in it was replaced (coils, cdi, etc)

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