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    Polaris Freedom Reserve switch / tank

    Ok... so a bit embarrassed by a stupid question

    So I have bought a 2003 Polaris Freedom and just going over it before taking it out on the water. Obviously the freedom is quite basic but does it have a fuel reserve switch? I can only see the on / off switch and a fuel gauge but nothing about a reserve.

    Your help.... will not only be really appreciated but you can also take the mickey out of a new UK user

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    None of the later Polaris skis had a reserve. Just a warning light on the dash for low fuel.

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    My 97 sltx has the same on/off s/w and no reserve, at least none that I could find!

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    Someone can correct me on the dates if I am wrong, But I believe Nothing had reserve starting in 97 with the exception of the hurricane. Could be wrong.

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