Hello I am new to this forum and a new owner of a 95 Seadoo XP 800 that I got ripped off on.When we purchased the ski we heard it run out of the water and everything seemed fine. The guy told us it needed a starter soon and a carb clean.When we got it home and put it in he water it wouldn't run.
Changed he spark plugs, cleaned the carbs, cleaned the fuel tank out and put new fuel in. It had some new fuel lines put on and the two cylinder had good compression. After all that it would run but only for a min then die like the lanyard was disconnected. It will start back up but is fussy the dies again a few seconds later.
Will do this a few times.
Then I bypassed the fuel selector switch cause it looked like air might of been getting in the fuel. Same results. We the switched the lanyard to see if that was the problem. Same result.
When I took it out to test it again the engine seemed to get hot and there was water in the compartment. Not hot enough to turn the temp light on. It came with a full tank of red colored oil.
Also I am pretty sure it was sunk at one time. I took the starter off and it was full of water along with the stator housing. So I cleaned all that up.
The last thing I will mention is that the fuel in the fuel filter seems orangish at times as if somehow oil is getting in it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!