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    Click click click x9 then start. 05 RXT

    Okay started having an issue with the RXT a few weeks ago. It clicks a whole bunch of times then it will start and stay running. When its time to restart it would either start up right away or click a few times. Took the battery to interstate today and they tested it at 100% cranking amp and volts. From what ive read the starter solenoid may be to blame? Any ideas? Any DIY for the solenoid? I called my dealer and they have 3 in stock so it must be pretty common.

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    yup....soleniod...they are fairly easy to replace...

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    +1. I replaced mine last night. Took about 15 minutes. No more click click. I got mine from Riva, they had almost 50 in stock for some reason

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    Make sure all the connections are clean and tight from the battery to the solenoid, and solenoid to starter.

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    I had the same issue with my 06 RXT. Replaced the solenoid and all's well now. Should of done it when it first showed up. Easy fix.

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    Sweet, ill be heading to the dealer later to pick one up. Taking her up to the thousand islands this weekend. Will be the first time I towed with my 335. ohh boy

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