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    Question 1994 Seadoo GSX 657cc (Model 650) - Periodical oil "fresh" oil leak?????

    Last year I went through the carbs and replaced all thefuel line as part of my preventative maintenance. This year everything isrunning good although I have noticed fresh oil on the motor base plate. Icleaned it all and followed every oil line (main from tank, splice lines andtank return) with a clean paper towel to try and find the leak. I started itback up and all seemed ok although after shut down and time passed more oil. Irepeated the process and came up with nothing. It is not coming from the tank.I used a mirror and it doesn't look like the pump gasket. I have a few questions:

    1. Does the oil pump have a drain hole similar to a water pump? If the pump isgoing bad would oil leak out a small hole as a water pump does?

    2. Does anyone know the procedure on how to bypass the oil pump (disconnectit)? I mix my fuel 100:1 just because I donít trust the older oil pumps. I keepthe machine clean and oil in the seadoo is driving me crazy.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is a bleed screw with oring. No weep hole like wtr pump. You can find tons of info on bypassing the pump with block off plate and plug the nipples. 100 - 1 is not going to save it event of failure but I heard carb diaphragms like a little oil in gas. Might want to replace small oil lines cut back an inch and re secure bigger feed line Then bleed pump per " free seadoo manuals on line".

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    If i knew,...I wouldn't ask sea-one's Avatar
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    Um? The GSX model wasn't introduced untill '96... maybe you have an XP?

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    Sorry GTX

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    Thanks for the reply. I am bringing it back to the city to replace all the oil lines.

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    When you say cut back an inch and re-secure are you referring to remove the lines from the pump to the intake and replace with larger then 1/8" id or od? What type of clamps do you recommend when securing such small diameter line? I will be able to investigate more when I look at it but I seen on a post (see below) that there is a oil line from the pump to the mid crank bearing? The machine is a 1994/1995 GTX 650cc model 657. On the back of the seadoo it reads a 1994.

    I would start with the engine oil injection system itself.

    -Hose from tank to oil pump.
    -Hoses from oil pump to mid-engine crank bearing.
    -Hoses from oil pump to carbs.

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    The 1" cut back . I mean the big pump line. Most recommend replacing small lines with stock seadoo. I only use original type zipstrips with stainless steel catch not click type" for clamps on plastic lines and SS worm clamps fuel lines . I get zips the from McMaster Carr. You don't have to replace everything . Don't forget bleed per shop manual.

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    Diaphragms do not like oil in the fuel. If you notice on premix change overs the fuel lines shrink and harden up. Both rubber and clear. Even the stock Tempo lines will do it. The diaphragms, especially the round metering one will get hard and brittle, then wont work at all. This I have been aware of for as long as there has been 2 stroke engines used on karts, chainsaws and any other uses. Including outboards and even pwc in question.

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    I would whatever I could to verify the lines. There is only so many places that can leak from and a fresh connection with proper clamps (I actually have a lifetime supply of the factory clamps for the fuel lines and a couple of the factory pliers) but they make better stuff now. The original connection on that large line of a 657 was not exactly a tight fit as I often removed the line with no fight at all.

    I do remember in the race boats we built using these plates to eliminate the oil injection and on the early 90's boats we always ran mixed setups, but the thing we discovered later was that the carbs tended to act up running mixed fuel, it was not uncommon to replace the rubber diaphragms and the things just never stayed consistent. Always having to clean them as if running straight fuel through them kept them cleaner and the mix just seemed to require more carb maintenance. Ultimately, the injection setup was our friend. They rarely failed and were typically adjusted quite well from the factory. In fact, the last race boat we ran mixed on was a 94 650. It was a lot of trouble for little reward if any. I would bet money there is a small crack in the line near the fitting as it would indeed drip all over the tray if it was leaking.

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