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    Question HELP!! Fuel pump


    i own a 93 seadoo xp. This ski sits up north at our cabin and when i went up there last time i could not get the ski to start. THe ski will just crank and never make an attempt to turn over. I looked into it a little bit and i realized its not getting fuel for some reason. I looked online where the fuel pump is located and it show me a picture of the fuel sender. i took that out of the ski and brought it home. WHat i really want to know is what the problem might be... is the fuel sender what sends the fuel to the carbs or is there a seperate fuel pump? I know the lines arent clooged i checked them, i dont want to buy a sender if thats not the problem. Out of all that confusing stuff any help would be great...Thanks Cory

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    If its the 1-1/4" plastic tube that goes in tank. That's your gas gauge sending unit. Fuel injected units can have pump in tank. While you have it out you might want make sure that it's working correctly. fuel pump is on side if carb , it's run by pulse pressure from one piston on bottom stroke. Certain Carb kits come with a pump rebuild. If it hasn't been done it's probably ready to change all gray line to black non injector hoses , I never worry about vent lines.rebuild carb , clean fuel selector. But some times when every thing has gone dry a pump will not pick up a prime and might need some pressure in tank to help it out . But beware a clean fuel system / good lines / carb and pump rebuild is the preventive maintenance for a 2 stroke. Not looking into it is like never checking or changing your oil in your car.Lean means burnt pistons or worse. Fuel system link

    Service manuals ect

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    THanks alot... im gonna try and buy the carb rebuild kits and go up there this weekend and see how that goes. thanks again for your reply.

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    Did you also check into changing the gray Tempo lines as well , they can break down and plug carbs, filters and selector valve. Cheap insurance now's the time you can leave the venting ones . Not positive of XP but my GSX ltd had about 15' of 5/16" and 6' of 1/4" use non injector type. Sometimes small aotu parts like nappa have gates "USA made" cheaper than autozone ect " might be china made" there slow to raise prices on little stuff and might have the nice clamps autozone won't. Gonna need some small all stainless hose clamps black zip ties to tie them back up.
    Do one at a time measure to old hose . Don't forget the ones on carbs and the pulse line. Get them tight but don't crush the to death either. Be careful pulling them off any bent 90 brass carb nipples I broke one off was a real hassle you don't want. Twist first.

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    Don't forget to remove the needle seats and change the o rings on them lube before pushing back in. Last 2 carbs i did leaked like s sieve. Liberally carb spray with the lil tube ,all jet holes, needle tubes. Wear safety glasses they spit back a lot. You might miss the the clear check valve on the back of jett cover plate line it up carefully. I would reuse my old springs for pop off but that's just me. Mukuni sbn guide

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