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    knocking noise gp800r

    I have same problem as earlier post by matman115. have tried lot of advice given to him. but i cant find out how he ever fixed problem.
    my bike has knocking noise i have 03 ski with only 40 hrs. while riding on lake oil line to front carb came off. at home i reattached line and ran in driveway and then tested at river . when i got back i went to flush engine and motor started making knocking sound. i've tried changing fuel to supreme, looked for loose parts, checked compression and bought stethoscope. with stethoscope noise sounds like its coming from exhaust pipe above carburators but dont know of any moving parts there. took it to dealer they said something ceased up because of no oil and eventually cylinder will cease and cause rod to break. my bike runs awesome idles ane everything. they also said compression little low. 107/117 i really like my bike but dont want to sink possibly 2800 dealer worst case scenario on it

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    does anyone know decent mechanic within 100 miles of houston tx

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    Quote Originally Posted by ty800 View Post
    does anyone know decent mechanic within 100 miles of houston tx
    wfo performance

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