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    1997 polaris sl700 bogged

    Hi guys, im new on the site and new jet ski owner. I recently bought two used skis. One its a 1997 seadoo gsx and a polaris sl700. red engine. they havent been used fot 3 years. it looks like neither one was winterised. I turn both them on and turn on fine but onces I give it some gas it Boggs out. Since im at rookie at this I turn them on with old gas filters. after that I came home took the gas tank and it was really dirty leafs where even inside. I clean it out clean all the hoses replace some of them. Change the filtes. Clean the carb. Took it out and does samething again bogged out this time it ran good for a few minutes than bogged again. Should I get the carbs rebuild. how hard is it? I work on cars before and quads but never on jet ski.any answers will help thanks a lot. Have a good day

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    Thanks a lot. Hopefully I didnt do any internal damage to them. Ill check the compresion on the weekend

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