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    2001 XLT 1200 D Plate Install Help Please

    New to the forum and hoping someone can give me a hand. I am trying to remove the cat con on my 2001 xlt 1200 and replace with a d plate.
    I am having trouble getting the exhaust out of the ski so I can make the switch.

    I have been looking online and I'm pretty sure I have all the connections and bolts removed. It is loose BUT I just can't seem to get it to pull out.

    Here are some picks of what I have currently done. Maybe someone could take a look and let me know if I've missed something or have a tip on how to do this.
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    Also, if you have any tips for the d plate install that would be helpful as well.

    I do also have the replacement sensor.


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    Looks like you have all the bolts off. Feel around the exhaust and see if there is a hose holding you back (can't recall). Have fun with the temp sensor removal.
    I just cut the wire and soldered it back together later. Here's a YouTube video on the D-plate install:

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    Don't cut any wires the plug is a simple pull tab on the side you can pull it off the bracket to see how it works. You need to remove the head mounting brackets by removing the 2 nuts on the side of the pipe. To get the pipe out you roll it to the motor you will have to work it the XLT is a little tighter than the GPR but it will come out. Don't try pulling it out at the bottom first it will come out when you roll it up then the front will come out first. Hope this helps.

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    +1. Take the nuts off and slide the brackets that are currently attached to your stinger near where spark plugs 2 and 3 were. Standing on the side of the motor opppsite the stinger, grab it at the top and "roll it" towards you until you can force it out between the motor and fiberglass on the opposite side. It is a little tricky but it will come out. I think the motor pull brackets that are still attached the the stinger are kinda getting in the way not allowing you to roll it out.

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    Also, make sure you disconnect the exhaust temp sensor from the clip on the black box before you pull it out. You have got all the right bolts out. D plate install in the pipe is easy part. Clean up the rubber boots with some terrific 10 or 409 before you re-install and anything soapy or wet sprayed on the rubber will help on the re-install of the pipe. I ususally put the bottom boot on 1st on the pipe then work the u pipe to stinger coupling on. Hope this helps.

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    Great help and many thanks to all of you for your suggestions! I was able to get the darn thing out after some turning, pulling and swearing...
    Rolling the unit as I pulled it out really helped.
    Here is what my old cat can looks like and why I decided to install the plate.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Should be pretty easy to install the d plate now. Might be a bit tricky putting everything back together.

    On final question. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should also look at, change or replace while the pipe is out?? The ski is a 2001 so it has some years on it. Only done the suggested maintaince. Other than the cat con everything works and runs fine, but I am wondering if I should change anything while I'm in there.
    I know there are probably a bunch of things I can do, but any suggestions would be great. Maybe need to do nothing...

    Again, thank you everyone for your help. Really appreciate it!

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    Now would be a good time to rebuild those carbs per Oside Bill's specs.

    My '01 XLT smokes my rebuilt '98 XL1200 now thanks to Bill.

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    check the oil lines make sure they are not trying to pull off. if they are the least bit tight give them some slack. clip the ends and pit new clamps on them.
    make sure the opening of the D plate is on the bottom.

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    yes go to mix and put a block off kit on it, x out the oil injection since your have everything apart, there is about 13/14 Points on the oil lines that can come off, if One of those does, your motor is toast, I just did mine.

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    Another problem....?

    All your help has been great. I was able to get the stinger off and pull it out of the ski. Took the cat out and replaced with the d plate.
    Here is where I encountered my next problem... One of the 6 long bolts would not tighten all the way in. All others were fine except this one. I took it out and tried in a different hole and still no go. I'm baffled as to why and at this point really kinda pissed off with the whole thing.
    Not sure what is going on. I made sure all the wholes and gaskets were lined up correctly. To further complicate the whole day, one of the other bolts brok off while screwed in. Now I have to extract the damn thing.

    So I guess my question would be: Has anyone ever encourtnered this or hear of it or is it just me? Also, I am wondering what the size/legnth of those 6 12mm bolts are. I am wondering if I can find them somewhere else as the Yamaha dealer here will be closed tomorrow. Maybe this is not possible...

    Lastly question I have is about the replacement sensor/chip. Do I need to do anything with that or just plug it in where the old one was? What happens with the old sensor?

    Thanks again guys for all your help. This has been a project and I'm learning a lot along the way.
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