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    registration issue with buy pwc from WI

    I can't be the first one to run into this issue. I want to buy a jet ski that since day 1 has always been registered in WI. The problem is it was never titled since WI doesn't require boats under 16ft to have titles. It was purchased from a NW IN dealer but they never titled it either. I and the owner live in IL Chicago area. He is the original owner. To round out the issue, I plan to run this at my lake in MI (hit every state around Lake Mich!!!!)

    My question is how do I register the jet ski in MI if I have no title? The trailer having no title is not an issue as trailers under 3000# don't need titles to be registered in MI or WI. The jet ski is an issue though. Any inboard boat must have title to register in MI. How do people who have bought ski's from WI gotten them registered in IL with no title?

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    just for reference in NewMexico skis under 10 feet don't get titles's a registration which kinda sorta works like a title..sign over the reg with a bill of sale and you are good. if you google a bit..I'm sure you'll find your states rule book.

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    Re: registration issue with buy pwc from WI

    IL manditory for titles.... as i reside here.pretty much bill of sale? Call.up the.local dnr office or general dnr number i believe they handle it.or secretary of state

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    I see plenty of illinois people with boats and skis registered in wisconsin. See if you can just renew the wisconsin registration.

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    To register in Michigan you need a complete bill of sale for the watercraft and trailer, also the out of state registration for the watercraft. Go to To find out more info, to register the trailer you need a certified weight slip of the trailer when its empty.

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