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    2003 1200xlt wont start

    Press the start button nothing happens,just says start on the screen.
    any help appreciated.
    Battery is fully charged.

    Is there a diagnostic flow chart on trouble shooting.


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    do a search, we've discussed this type of problem a few times in the last month or so.

    If you'd rather tear right into it, it typically turned out to be the starter solenoid.

    The starter solenoid appears to wake up the cdi so jumping the terminals may not result in an engine start. Just cranking.

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    Cheers Pete
    I have been reading up on the fault,so on the way down to my caravan I bought a solenoid just encase,got to the van with a fully charge battery.
    Fitted battery and pressed start button and it started to crank,I then went for the water hose ready to try again'
    pressed the start button and nothing only the start on the display.
    Waited a couple of minutes and it crank over then nothing again,but now nothing only the start comes up on the display.



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    Check and "clean" your ground connections. Some sandpaper and a little sanding on the ground connectors as well as where they are connecting, to make them shiny, even if they look fine. Check and clean the positives too while you're there but sounds like a grounding problem to me.

    Let us know so we can "all learn" from it.

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    like TexasZ said check your ground..

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    the ground wire you want to check is in the electric box where the ring terminal coming off the backside of the solenoid with the black wire is connected. When the soleniod operates and the current flos to ground, that wakes the cdi to operate. if no ground, you may just see the "start" indication on the console

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    Right guys here goes,Ski back up and running.
    Not sure if its related but this is all I did.
    Got hold of the wiring diagram and started fault finding,the chocolate coloured wire coming from the Multi Function Meter goes to a plug,unpluged and checked for voltage,using my meter I had negative connected to the battery and the positive connected to pin on the plug pressed the start button and the engine turned over, took meter positive from the pin and engine would not start,put back on again and it started ?????????

    Connected plug back up and it turn over and engine started,ski ran all day with no problems.

    Looking at the wiring diagram this wire is connected to the start switch,and if you follow it it goes back to the CDI unit.

    any thoughts


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