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    weird hole in 750sx

    i am looking at getting my first jet ski and i think i found one except for the fact that there is what appears to be a weird hole in the flame arrester or what ever it is. if anyone knows if it is a hole or its meant to be there let me know please and thank you.

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    Other than the fact from what I see is that regardless those flame arrestors/air filters need replaced. To answer your question, no, that hole is not supposed to be there. Did you check with the previous owner and ask him/her about the history of the ski?

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    From what I suspect is that who ever did the dual carb conversion on that model might have been looking for flame arrestor just to put on it to fill the void. Another COA (course of action) might have been that the filter was too restrictive and instead of getting a new one decided to punch a hole in it for a quick fix. Regardless, those carbs will be needed to get get cleaned and rebuilt. As mentioned in my previous post, those filters need replaced.

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    I wonder if the previous owner used it from priming it by dribbling gasoline in the hole. I'd definitely replace it.

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