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    2003 stx 1100 di Throttle problem

    Hi guys,

    I have just bought a 2003 stx 1100 di. It will start and idle fine but when you rev it up the revs will increase for a split second before dieing back to under 3000 rpm then if you let go of the throttle it will cut out.

    There is no engine warning lights

    Has anybody got any ideas what could be wrong?

    Any help very much appreciated and if anyone can tell me the correct answer to solve my problem i will send them $10 by paypal to say thank you.

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    What just $10 for a correct answer that solves the problem?!!!

    My first suggestion is to run the diagnostic program (KDIAG) and see what error codes are registered in the ECU (aka EMM).
    Since this engine is direct injected, there can be a faulity sensor(s) or electronic device(s) including the EMM itself which usually flashes Chk Eng light on when it goes bad.
    The weird thing is there is no error code for bad EMM when that's the most common failure.

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