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    *HELP* XLT1200 PV will not stay running

    Just bought my 2003 PV XLT1200 with D-plat & chip compression from the front #1-130 #2-140 #3-130, PV are working.

    First thing i had to do was replace a fuse to get it to crank then i rebuilt the carbs cause there was milky oil/water substance in the cylinders & fouling out the spark plug's witch meant gummed up carbs... thank god i didn't buy something with a blown head gasket or worse.

    I got the water and milky oil flushed out, put new plug's in and there clean.

    My problem now is: It will only START & STAY running when plug's are pulled, fuel is poured into the cylinder's, plug's are replaced, START and have to keep the throttle mashed wide open (%100), let off throttle and it dies

    I'm sure the person i bought it from didn't do anything but ride it balls to the wall since he bought it.
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    You checked for air leaks while rebuilding the carbs? What kind of pop-off preasures where you getting? Main fuel filter is new? This seems like a dumb question but did you turn the fuel selector to on? Is the fuel selector actually turning it to on? How did you rebuild the carbs just back to stock or modified?

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    yes i had it set on RES. I took the main fuel filter out and put in a clear fuel line in to see if i had pump flow & checked out fine so in place of the main filter i use a syphon hose to see if pushing fuel in the line's would do anything and same out come, i rebuilt them back to stock so i never check the pop off pressures i was told by the dealer i would be fine.

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    Check the fuel pick-up the screen can block the res fuel line, there is a how to on this.

    You might want to atleast check that the fuel pumps arent leaking by preasurizing them and spraying them with soapy water. Ideally you should always check pop-off. The springs that come in the kits are not always right and need adjusting. Also checking pop-off can find hidden issues with carb / fuel pump.

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    will check into that tomorrow. is there any other advice that i should be looking into.
    thanks to all for the input.

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    Fuel pumps checked out fine, I'm totally lost with this one I thought 2cycles were pretty straight forward, now its just becoming a pain.
    Q.When reassembling the stock carbs do they go right back in the same way they came out, or is there any adjustments within the "stock carbs" that i should have made (Pop Off Pressure aside)

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