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    Speedster 150 reliablity

    I been wantng to purchase a speedster 150 but cant really find any information on them as far as reliability. Does anyone know if these boats are reliable or do they have any major flaws in the engine that i should be worried about. If i do purchase one it would be a 2012 or newer.

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    the engines in the 150 speedster is the same as in every other jetski and boat from seadoo.

    they are VERY reliable engines in my opinion.

    opt for the supercharged version of the boat, you will like it way more.

    my friend owns one, very fun boat, pretty fast too.

    just wondering on what made you decide on the model, its very sport oriented, and not very family oriented as far as convenience goes.

    feel free to pm me or ask any more questions on here,

    seadoo boats are very special compared to other boats, like the reverse is reversed (when backing up, turning the wheel to the left will make the boat turn right) for example.

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    I am very new to this stuff and been wanting to get a jet ski but, I saw the speedster and think that it would be perfect for me and my wife. I been reading some horror stories about the seadoo supercharged engines that kind of make me think twice though.

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    the supercharged engines are reliable if you break the engine in properly.
    and `know` how to use the boat.

    if you go wide open throttle down a choppy lake, and it catches air, anything can break.

    the sc`s are designed to slip when engine rpm fall suddenly.

    try to catch what im saying:

    if you are going at 8000rpm (the sc spins at 40000rpm) at this point,
    and you see a wave, and decide to jump it.

    what will happen is the turbine will lose its flow of water, and catch air.

    this might cause some slipping but , nothing major.

    now when it LANDS back onto the water, the turbine still working, gets a huge work load on it.

    (try waving a spoon around in water and air, feel a difference? or even hit water with a spoon)

    when this happens, the rpm of the engine will fall down, to say 6000rpm(per say)
    all of this slowing down happened in less than one second.

    the supercharger that was spinning at 40K rpm? well it has momentum, and this slowing down will cause the clutches to slip to prevent other things from breaking,
    and these clutches will eventually fail.

    there are no more ceramic washers that broke the engine catastrophically and were ultra sensitive.

    new washers are different alloys that change each year.

    new ones need service at 200hours.

    that being said, the machine takes a lot of abuse before giving up, if you know you cant keep a promise to the machine that you wont
    try to break it, service it regularly and do preventative service, as well as taking care of it, it will last a long time with no problems.

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    Never had any Problems with my S150 215hp.

    My only "Complaint" was that with 4 People in it, it Rode pretty Low in the Water at Low Speeds, so Big Wakes may get Sketchy for you.

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