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    Help.. PLEASE!!! 2001 Polaris Virage 1200 wont start

    Hey Guys,
    I hope you can help. Ill try and tell you everything I know. I bought a 2001 virage 1200 off of a guy he said when he got it the guy told him it need a battery, so he put one and it ran great. He said his kids rode it all day one day and then it died. So I bought it sent it to a guy to fix $500.00 later and here is where I am. It had no spark so he put a cdi in it. He said it hit rev limiter so he did a few things (whatever that means. Ill come back to this). He then cleaned carbs a few times. when I picked it up he said you couldnt ride it becuase it will now only run when you dump fuel into the carb. Also I noticed he unhooked (looks like he pulled the fuse) the display.

    What do I do now? I dumped fuel into it and it will start for a few mins. Tonight I put new fuse 1/4 amp and the display seems to work but now it wont start at all even when I dump fuel. Compression is 120 on all 3 cyclinders.

    Any ideas or sugestions? I would be very greatful!!!


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    Welcome to The Hulk!

    Click the link in my signature. Will answer every question you can come up with.

    Sounds like you have some issues to take care of with the fuel system and possibly electrical issues. Does the display say "Locked" when its powered up?

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