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    SQISH clearance 951

    97.5 951 sbt motor... 2mm over with Wisco pistons. Dry fit at .044" add head gasket is .020" now at .064. It had a 5 hole before oops burnt a piston . My guage from autozone read 150-155 on the good hole. I don't know how much gaskets compress usally.
    What squish do you reccomend . Go 3 or 5 hole ?

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    All our race skis were no tighter than 75 thou, i would suggest not going under that stock skis are normally over 1mm
    Hope this helps


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    i didn't think SBT did 2mm over. thought their max was 1mm .

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    The 97.5 Seadoo White Motors had several known issues and TSB's - the jetting was increased - the piston to cylinder clearance was increased and the coolant lines where re-routed..

    In 98 the white motor was updated by the silver motor with differant cases, cylinder and porting

    Your motor may be a motor that was rebuilt by SBT - But it has been overbored since - to increase your squish clearance you need to increase the number of base gasket holes..

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    Yes I had it bored to 2mm. It had 5 hole and was at 150 on the good hole when tested. From the information I have received the squish band to domes has been recut by sbt. As decks have been milled trued.

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