I just bought this and am trying to discover where the leak is. When your riding you'll get 4-5 inches of water in within 15-20 minutes. I've checked several things and I'm still not sure whats causing my leak. I've read some other threads and I have filled the hull with about 3 inches of water and it didn't leak. When underneath looking for hull damage I saw that the front bolt for the intake grate didn't appear to have any silicone on it. I pulled it out and water then ran out for 15 minutes. I guess it had been stuck in between the two layers. Is it possible that when riding on the water the pressure was going up and in between the two layers of the hull and then making it to the inside???? I have since applied a LIBERAL amount of silicone and reinstalled it. If this isn't the problem the only other thing I can think of is possibly the OPAS leaking. Is that worth removing. My wife also rides this ski and I don't want it to be less stable.