Turbo or Supercharger?

The idea of this thread is to discuss the best way to prepare a FZR engine.

Letīs post our experiences or ideas on what kind of preparation that we think is the best option.

Now a day itīs very hard to choose between a turbo or S/C setup because both of then are have advantages, disadvantages but we also have a large source of high technology products and concepts to help us!.

For example, I always was a turbo fan and made a lot of engines with it. But lately I prapared two different kind of engine with S/C, a ProMod Camaro 406ci S/C V8 for dragrace only and a jet ski Yamaha FZR for Top Speed and eventual Closed Circuits Races. This last one Iīm still doing several upgarades on it and I still have a lot of doubts! But here letīs talk only about jetskis preparations.

And now I am know that a S/C setup is a very, very good option; I donīt know if i would install a turbo on FZR. But this is mine opnion for while...

So, my main doubt on turbo a setup is the the old known problem of the "turbo lag" delay!

Then I ask for someone who is runnig or have mounted any FZR turbo to tell us here his experience!

Now, who can tell us something?

Waiting for RACERS or PREPARATORS comments.

Wender Jones