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    2001 polaris slh rookie!

    Im drew, just picked up a 2001 polaris slh 700. Ofcourse the water test went great, so i took the ski home, (got it on a craigslist trade) Went to go out with a buddy the following day and the ski ran like crap. Pretty obvious issues, carbs, plugs, wires. So im gonna get into a tune up in the next few days. Anyhow my questions are. My CDI is zip tied to the cross member underneath the seat. This makes me very nervous. Im sure this isn't where its supposed to be mounted, but im not sure where it is supposed to be either. Second question is, i found a wire flopping around in the hull, turns out its the wire with the coil on the end of it. From what i,ve read it appears to be a temperature sensor. Any insight as to where it belongs? Thanks in advance.

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    Temp sensor installs in the side of the exhaust manifold. Are you referring to the electric box being tied to the brace over the engine opening? I'm not sure where it attaches to, but if its like my pro 1200, which I'm pretty sure it is, I would guess its strapped in next to the battery.

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    Don't suppose you know where i could find a diagram or a photo.... heck, i dont even know if the battery is in the right spot.

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    The battery goes in the back of the ski and should have a plastic piece that sits in a spot in the hull and the battery will sit in that. The CDI box then sits on top of the battery but there should be a plastic cover to protect the terminals. Your 01 should have a plastic battery box anyways so the plastic cover isn't critical but is still a good idea to have. This assembly is all strapped down to some hooks in the hull. It is in the back of the ski on the opposite side of the waterbox. The waterbox is the big red can that the exhaust pipe dumps into before leaving the hull.

    I can probably get a couple pics of my SLH hull either tonight or tomorrow if you need.

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    Yes photos would be awesome. There is no battery box as of now... So ill have to pick up an aftermarket one. then ill probably find a way to better protect the cdi like you said. Maybe another small battery box, with a groove cut out for the wires to run out. Thank you

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