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    hull drain plugs

    on my 06 rxp, i noticed that the plugs would get stuck sometimes and not let the water get out, after a quick dis-assembly,
    i saw that there was a plastic ball that moves around freely in there.

    question is, what purpose does this ball serve?
    all i can think of is so that water doesnt get in if you forgot to close the plugs..

    on my wake, the style of plugs changed, does it also implement some kind of system like this?

    that being said,

    any one have any tips on how to get them to not get stuck, or tell me if they can be removed and wont influence the bailer system?

    it might be because i ride aggressively, but i hate how i have to use a small screw driver everytime to get them unstuck and sometimes open them up.

    they are CLEAN.

    and this has not happened before , maybe getting stuck once last year, and almost every ride this year.

    thanks in advance for the help.

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    if you take the end screw plug out and remove the ball you may find some crud causing the ball to stick, in my case I found some paint that came from the engine plugging the plug and not allowing the ball to move freely. I used a small screwdriver to push the plastic stopper to allow removal of the plug and then the ball is able to be taken out also to allow proper cleaning, i do recommend putting the ball back in just in case you forget to put the plugs in the ball prevents a submersion.

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    The Ball will float up and stop any water from entering if you leave out the bilge plugs

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    I took mine out 2 years ago.. The bailer system is not affected.. Just always remember to put your plugs in before you ride and you wont have a problem

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