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    SLT Jet Pump differences

    I have a 1995 SLT 750 and the pump is no good salt attack I have the chance to buy a complete pump setup off of a 1996 SLT 700 I waws wondering if it is just a bolt on or if there are any modifications I will have to make, or will it even fit? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    they are the same pump.

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    Thanks John I thought they were it just seems the one i have a chance to buy is longer, that is a good thing I believe.

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    THe long pump is good yes. The impeller thats used on the SLT 700 should even be good to use on an SLT 750.

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    You can buy the extended pump and just remove the extra wear ring and keep it all setup as a short pump... using your existing driveshaft and all.

    If you desire to change out your stock short pump for the extended pump... you will also need the longer driveshaft, longer water pickup tube and will need to extend your reverse cable and steering cable ends where they hookup to the nozzle.


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    Thanks for all of the information I knew I could rely on this forum.


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